Qasswa Project

Work with Al-Qaswa began to coordinate the celebration of the distinguished partners held at Ajyad Hotel in Makkah. The marketing idea was designed to be used as the platform background and was implemented with smart lighting supplies, installation of 3x5 meters screen, and we were also concerned with sound system and lighting.

A distinctive trophy was designed for the first three centers of customers, and it was implemented using naturally colored volcanic stones, laser engraving and writing with shiny silver. Luxury leather bags have been produced to wrap the trophies.

We were interested in displaying the new identity and focusing on introducing it in all of the corners of the ceremony, so the designs were reflected on the hotel's external entrances accompanied by laser games, and the new identity was shown when implementing each of the indicative panels for the venue of the ceremony, reception, photography and promotional gifts.

After the success of Al-Qaswa Gallery in Makkah, we were chosen to implement several international exhibitions of Al-Qaswa outside the Kingdom, the largest and most important one was the Cairo Exhibition, which included 180 exhibitors, so the challenge was to present an eye-catching design in the midst of this crowd.

We designed a corner with interior and exterior decoration, and smart lighting was an important factor to attract attention and attract visitors.

The exhibition included several products we implemented with high quality, such as:

Pin designed with company logo, flags, leather goods such as office bases, tissue boxes, files, armor and acrylic panels.

We also designed and printed all the flyers and brochures.

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