The project was in preparation for the opening of the primary department in the new building, FasTrackids is an international school with more than 50 branches around the world, it was necessary to study the school system and its features, and develop an identity that suits the local, Arabic community.

FasTracKids Project


We coordinate filming an introductory video about the school facilities, which shows on screens distributed within the school and on the social media platforms, the agency has established an initial library of images and videos that serve as a reference for any upcoming designs. We also filmed the End - of - year ceremony, the school facilities, a full tour of the school, and interview with the school team and some of the student parents.

In the context of the school marketing, we study children’s psychology, abilities, and achievement capacity. We achieved the filling of 1,000 forms by mothers of children between the ages of two and ten years. In addition to focused discussion sessions involving 50 mothers, on several sessions.

The marketing plan included choosing the appropriate messages via the appropriate media, so we go for a campaign of road signs, local magazine ads, in addition to writing a marketing article for a local magazine, managing a social media coverage campaign in coordination with two influencers, activating the website, that included Paid ads on social media, youtube, google media ads, search words, and browsing ad spaces.


We designed and implemented an advertising material that decorated the building, see-through stickers, outdoor and indoor signage, Illuminated headboard, we designed and printed all the leaflets flyers and brochures  as well. we designed the theater art work and its background production. and production of promotional gifts for the occasionS.

The agency also coordinate the introductory week to open the school. We prepared a team of marketers and trained them to introduce the school, its branches and services, to accompany the parents on the school's introductory tour.

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